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The Everest App Shuts Down

The app designed to achieve your dreams, Everest, is shutting down. While the whole idea of such a thing is spiritually horrifying the company did raise $2.2 million over several rounds of financing. The capital and time spent unfortunately was not enough to attract enough users to justify keeping the doors open. The final email to users warned them to backup anything they wanted to keep because the servers were coming down for good.

A page exists for users to login and download anything they want to save, but the app itself is unavailable.

Other apps in the same goal-tracking space are still around however. Lift, from the folks that brought you Twitter, released a new business model that includes goal tracking and personal coaching. Lift has most recently grown to several million users and with the loss of Everest they may be growing faster than they anticipated.

Lift has a different spin than Everest in that it is focused on task management with a community behind it to provide support. This may be why health, weight loss, exercise, and related activities are much more popular with Lift than they were with Everest.

Everest did have some strong selling points. With a focus helping users to break down larger task into smaller, more manageable activates Everest could actually help users more easily realize enormous projects. And if you were wondering why it was called Everest now you know. The founder of Everest said that the whole reason behind Everest was to help people figure out their life goals and how to most efficiently accomplish them. This would leave people more time to focus on self-actualization. Certainly a noble endeavor but apparently difficult to market and manage.

At launch the app had many usability issues.  It looked great but was crawling with bugs and crashes. Key features were difficult to set up such as viewing goals or setting up alerts and tasks. Setting up individual steps towards a goal could be tedious. This seems to actually make self-actualization further away, but then again I live in the now and my higher self is off on a camping trip so I’m on my own. When he gets back I’m hoping we can find an app that will get me off my ass and working again.

Everest was seeded by Peter Thiel in 2012 with $300,000.00 to set up the initial concept and app that was basically a social media platform based around what you wanted to do as opposed to who you knew like Facebook. This is a great idea on the surface but setting it up proved to be a bit more difficult than previously anticipated.

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