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Find. Eat. Drink. Review

Yelp could be a nice resource once you need fast dinner suggestions and trust Joe Shmoe’s opinion on the burger joint down the road. However, for a few folks food is serious business and that they need recommendation from the professionals, not their neighbors. That’s wherever realize. Eat. Drink. comes in. It’s a mobile app that compiles food and drink recommendations supported reviews from prime chefs, bartenders, and baristas.

The app presents a well-recognized UI to anyone UN agency is snug with Yelp. Merely choose a venue sort and site, and also the app shows you a listing of relevant search results.

It’s a reasonably cool app with a replacement spin on food and drink discovery however, as always, iteration makes perfect! Let’s see what styles of things realize. Eat. Drink. Will optimize.
A/B check UI to enhance User Engagement

The app aggregates quite an little bit of helpful data, however you wish to navigate through many screens to get it, e.g. you can’t see a venue’s address and user ratings till you navigate to a selected listing. The search results are fairly wordy therefore it’s arduous to skim the list quickly.

Users will be associate degree simply distracted bunch and asking them to faucet through many pages to induce crucial data may cause them to abandon the app before they furnish it a good shot.
It would be fascinating to check a second version of the search results with slightly totally different data on that. within the mockup below, we tend to show the initial screen next to a replacement screen wherever we tend to took out a number of the additional text and other 2 ratings for every venue: one from professionals and one from alternative users. Adding a rating may forestall some users from feeling lost within the myriad of choices by giving them how to prepare data right off the bat. an extra “sort by rating” choice may create things even easier for users with call anxiety!

Find. Eat. Drink. may check these 2 versions of the search results, one as is versus one with ratings, to envision that version results in higher user engagement (this might be measured by rating a venue or adding it to a Favorites list) and a lower exit rate on the search results screen.
Use Push Notifications to extend User Re-Engagement

Nowadays, it’s pretty normal to use associate degree app for close eating suggestions. Since Find. Eat. Drink. isn’t a social unit name simply nonetheless, the app may take pleasure in proactively approaching users to stay itself at the forefront of their minds.

To re-engage users, Find. Eat. Drink. may check causation push notifications with a “featured” expert’s favorite restaurants or a listing of recent extremely rated restaurants. The team will then live what number users log back to the app when receiving the push notification to envision if there's a rise in daily active users.


These suggestions area unit super easy however have the facility to extend user retention and engagement. A/B testing totally different UI choices is usually sensible observe to form certain your users realize what they have, whereas push notifications will be a good thanks to get users to open your app once more. typically users simply would like a reminder that they need your app put in which it will be used to form their day to a small degree bit a lot of convenient.

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