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Google Adwords. Tracking Visitors


How to track visitors from a Google Adwords Campaign


Using Visitor Stats 2, I can easily see how many visitors and sales have come from my Google Adwords Campaign.

I might place an ad with Google's advertising program, Adwords. I want to see all visitors who come from this ad, and see which buy my products.

Now I can see the total number of visitors and sales from my Google Adwords Campaign. In this example I have only had 3 visitors so far, and but already made 2 sales ($100 total).

Remember, this is a demo, I wish I had that ROI!!

This also shows me which visitors came from that specific Google Ad, not just from Google (such as people just finding me in Google, rather than my ad). Tracking visitors separates them from general Google visitors.

Individual Visitors and Sales

Going into detail, I can see what country my visitors are from, if it's their first visit and my sales.

I can see that the 3rd visitor is on their 47th visit!

Actually, this is me, using the Firefox browser... I gave myself a name I can easily remember so I can identify myself later on (like now). Read more about this...

How can I have this on my website?

First you will need to buy Visitor Stats 2.

Then you need to do is add this small bit of code to any links from your Google Adwords link.
(remember they have two url fields, one that the public sees, and the actual url)

For Example:
"http://www.yourdomain.com/?tc=Google Adwords Campaign 30.06.2005"


The part in bold is my tracking code. Visitor Stats automatically adds the tracking code "Google Adwords Campaign 30.06.2005" to any visitors from this link.

Then, in the Tracking section of Visitor Stats you can see all visitors and sales from this tracking code, so you can see if your advertising is working. Are you making more money than you are spending? What kind of 'cost-per-click' do you have?


If you enjoyed this, I have a more ways of catching Visitors, Customers and remembering them


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