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Temple Run 2 Review

Temple Run 2 Review

Temple Run has over 1 million 5 star ratings and in the neighborhood of 50 million downloads. With this in mind Temple Run 2 is now available and wandering if it can live up to the standards of its predecessor.

The game plot will be quickly recognizable to players of the first game. You have an idol that has been stolen from a temple and the theft has seriously pissed off a monkey in the temple and it wants its idol back. Get the idol back in place without falling to your death or getting your blood punched out by a crazed monkey.

Instantly players will notice that the maps themselves are much more elaborate, and there are more of them. Fortunately despite this the same controls are in place and you want have to figure how to control the game again. Also Zip Lines are in the game and they are awesome.

With the cool zip lines you will also get killer spikes, wheels of death, cliff drop offs, a poorly maintained mine cart, and of course water hazards that have a few surprises in them.

Many users feel the difficulty level is about the same as the first game, but some commenters has said they have a significantly harder time with part 2. An increase in points also increases the pace of the game so the better you do the harder it gets. This coupled with the new challenges in the game and you have a fun time ahead of you beating this thing. The ease of control however keeps the game within what most would consider casual gaming. In fact you can spend resources to start right where you died so it’s not all hardcore and crazy.

The new environments are a pleasure to experience after many months of playing the original version and they are by far more visually pleasing.

You can spend coins in-game to purchase three additional characters along with the default. Each of the new characters have different abilities and can really open up the opportunity for creative gaming figuring out new ways to solve old problems. Although the characters do have slight differences they are not significantly superior in any way so this may also be seen as a lost opportunity to create a “Lost Vikings” vibe with characters helping each other solve problems.

Temple Run 2 looks great on any device and it can be run on Android 2.1 and above or the equivalent.

The game is free and runs with now ads. Now you know the money has to come from somewhere and that would be the in-game store. Players buy coins and gems using the store, and although these items will give a player a huge advantage they are not required to play, enjoy, or even win the game. Also coins in the store are relatively cheap priced at $.99 for 5000, or $19.99 for 400,000. You get a lot of mileage for a buck.

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